Marriage Day


Day 2:

I went to the wedding of Jasleen and Sunny this morning and wow, Jasleen looked so sophisticated and beautiful in her dark red wedding gown.  She looked like a model, honestly, even though she is tiny, short than me, which is something.  She reminded me of my SIL, the Tiwana genes are strong.  They had two weddings, which how awesome is that!  I look forward to the reception on Saturday, and to my Grandma’s birthday part on Sunday.  It is going to be a crazy weekend, but I am determined to make it work and enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

Long day though, had to go into work and I was starving, all I had that morning was a cup of coffee and some vegetable pakoras.

My triumph today was that I fit into a suit that was made for me after I got married.  I am very proud of myself and Gus thinks I was the cutest ‘mom with two kids’ there, which was a nice compliment.  People are very surprised when they see me, because I haven’t been very social lately and so my weight loss is significant.  I hate admitting my weight, because I feel like people latch on it, but I have lost (since Raj’s birth 2.5 years ago) about 23 lbs.  I have lost almost 13 lbs this year, which is a lot when you are this short.  Boot camp starts soon, so I will be looking forward to getting my time back.