Lessons Learned

Yesterday was a little rough, I got to hear about how I am burning myself out and have been dealing with the news that my grandma had a small stroke.  Evidently I have been crabby.

Not that surprised really, I have been exhausted lately with the whirlwind of August.

I also got to enjoy Raj’s last day of swimming lessons, I am amazed at how much he learned.  He started out screaming and crying before we got to the pool, now he screams and cries when I get him out, which is a huge improvement.  The goals for this swim class is to:

  • Blow bubbles
  • Reach and pull
  • Float on back with assistance
  • Float on front with assistance
  • Kick with feet
  • Splash with hands
  • Walk on floating board
  • Get dunked

So he can now sit on the edge of the pool and wait for me to get in and let him in.  He started blowing raspberries at home but only has tried to blow bubbles once.  Reach and pull, he’s fine, he loves throwing a toy and “swimming” to go get it.  He can sorta float on his back, he strains to keep his head up which is normal for a new swimmer.  He is very good at floating on his belly, he even kicks and turns to go in the direction he wants.  His kicks are awesome, and he can splash just fine, even has gotten used to splashing himself in the face, before he would gasp for breath and now he just gets startled and then blinks.  Walking on the floating board was a HELL NAW for him, but I did manage to get him to sit on the board for a few seconds on the last day, that’s progress!  He is fine with getting dunked if you distract him right away, he did fuss at bit when we first started but I think he realized that nothing bad happened.

I signed both kids up for another swim class, but this time at Hazen High School, which has an indoor pool.  I hope this will help Raj because he gets really cold in the pool, not sure why his body temperature drops so much, the other kids seem to be fine for the most part.  The bonus for the lessons, he actually likes playing in the shallow end of water, and seems to be slowly getting comfortable with the idea of playing in the water.

I want my kids to be safe, but brave.  Raj seems to be scared of a lot of things, and I’m hoping that by spending more time with him, it will help.  I think it will, and Selina helps too because he is always trying to do what his big sister is doing.