Almost there!

So around Selina’s birthday, I realized that I was gaining weight again.  I was snacking at night when Raj woke up, I was helping myself to treats in the office, stopped taking my medicine and in general, was eating more processed carbs.  My boot camp was over and isn’t starting back until September, so I knew I had to do something.

Still, I wasn’t doing that bad.  Compared to 6 months ago, I would have gained more because I just don’t eat as much bad food, my portion sizes are smaller and if I binge on anything, it is usually Greek yogurt and blueberries.  So now, I have a little less than a pound to go, and my BMI is 25, which was my other goal.

I just wanted to congratulate myself for working hard despite the lack of aerobic exercise.  I have added more physical activity in general so that helps.

  • Walks with Raj and Selina
  • Swimming lessons with Raj
  • Daily 1/2 hour walks at work
  • Boot camp when it is available (2x week)
  • Spine health exercises (should do every day, been slacking)

Not going to lie, I am exhausted and sometimes very cranky some days, but I have cut down on my caffeine and have started drinking a cup or two of detox tea every day to encourage me to drink more liquids.