I am always working on practicing my skills as a photographer. When I first got my hands on a digital camera, I loved taking candid photographs of people. As I learned more about my camera, I started practicing using my camera in different scenarios, such a self-portraits, documenting my daughter, capturing still images and landscapes. I find inspiration in my daughter, she has shown me that if I pay attention, there is always something interesting to see in the world.

My digital photography gallery includes a wide range of subjects such as portraits, self-portraits, product photography, and engagement photographs.  The hardest photos to take were the self-portraits because I had to learn how to set up a shot while being in the shot itself.  Another challenge was to clean up the portraits so that they looked clean, but not so much that subject would look plastic or fake.

One of the most challenging tasks from this gallery was producing the product photography.  I had to build a “set”, including lighting that would work on a macro scale, then using Photoshop to clean up the background.  I created the set using plastic shelving with sheer frosted plastic sides, two lights pinned on each side of the shelving, and a large sheet of watercolor paper taped to the shelving.  I tried many different solutions before I found a way to get the true color of the products, which is a challenge specific to cosmetics.  Most people who look at samples of cosmetics online are inevitably disappointed because the images don’t match what they see in real life.