About Me

Who are you? That’s what people usually want to know at first. I am Cynthia Tiwana, wife, mother and hybrid web developer/designer. I love information, in fact I store data like some people collect objects. I can’t wait until they find a way to let people like me stay awake 24/7 with minimal repercussions, because my brain just won’t slow down for mundane things like sleep.

I am always trying to learn new things, new skills, etc. Right now I am learning to knit. I have knitted a 6′ long cotton scarf for my husband, and a pair of baby booties. I am also learning to cook Indian food and I am constantly trying to perfect my baking skills, so most of my co-workers, friends and family end up testing out my results. This has made me fairly popular with my husband’s co-workers.

My primary focus with regards to my career is web development and web design. I started out my education as a computer engineering major (studying both electrical engineering and computer science), then switching to digital technology and culture (focuses on graphic design, digital rhetoric and UX design). I love the web, it has given me the opportunity to explore the areas of programming and design, which in my brain, are both creative endeavors. One reason why I love this field is how it is always changing and I always have to keep reading, learning, experimenting and implementing new ideas.

I feel lucky that I have this space to share my thoughts, projects and life.