Aug 19 2016

Lessons Learned

Yesterday was a little rough, I got to hear about how I am burning myself out and have been dealing with the news that my grandma had a small stroke.  Evidently I have been crabby.

Not that surprised really, I have been exhausted lately with the whirlwind of August.

I also got to enjoy Raj’s last day of swimming lessons, I am amazed at how much he learned.  He started out screaming and crying before we got to the pool, now he screams and cries when I get him out, which is a huge improvement.  The goals for this swim class is to:

  • Blow bubbles
  • Reach and pull
  • Float on back with assistance
  • Float on front with assistance
  • Kick with feet
  • Splash with hands
  • Walk on floating board
  • Get dunked

So he can now sit on the edge of the pool and wait for me to get in and let him in.  He started blowing raspberries at home but only has tried to blow bubbles once.  Reach and pull, he’s fine, he loves throwing a toy and “swimming” to go get it.  He can sorta float on his back, he strains to keep his head up which is normal for a new swimmer.  He is very good at floating on his belly, he even kicks and turns to go in the direction he wants.  His kicks are awesome, and he can splash just fine, even has gotten used to splashing himself in the face, before he would gasp for breath and now he just gets startled and then blinks.  Walking on the floating board was a HELL NAW for him, but I did manage to get him to sit on the board for a few seconds on the last day, that’s progress!  He is fine with getting dunked if you distract him right away, he did fuss at bit when we first started but I think he realized that nothing bad happened.

I signed both kids up for another swim class, but this time at Hazen High School, which has an indoor pool.  I hope this will help Raj because he gets really cold in the pool, not sure why his body temperature drops so much, the other kids seem to be fine for the most part.  The bonus for the lessons, he actually likes playing in the shallow end of water, and seems to be slowly getting comfortable with the idea of playing in the water.

I want my kids to be safe, but brave.  Raj seems to be scared of a lot of things, and I’m hoping that by spending more time with him, it will help.  I think it will, and Selina helps too because he is always trying to do what his big sister is doing.



Aug 19 2016

Marriage Day


Day 2:

I went to the wedding of Jasleen and Sunny this morning and wow, Jasleen looked so sophisticated and beautiful in her dark red wedding gown.  She looked like a model, honestly, even though she is tiny, short than me, which is something.  She reminded me of my SIL, the Tiwana genes are strong.  They had two weddings, which how awesome is that!  I look forward to the reception on Saturday, and to my Grandma’s birthday part on Sunday.  It is going to be a crazy weekend, but I am determined to make it work and enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

Long day though, had to go into work and I was starving, all I had that morning was a cup of coffee and some vegetable pakoras.

My triumph today was that I fit into a suit that was made for me after I got married.  I am very proud of myself and Gus thinks I was the cutest ‘mom with two kids’ there, which was a nice compliment.  People are very surprised when they see me, because I haven’t been very social lately and so my weight loss is significant.  I hate admitting my weight, because I feel like people latch on it, but I have lost (since Raj’s birth 2.5 years ago) about 23 lbs.  I have lost almost 13 lbs this year, which is a lot when you are this short.  Boot camp starts soon, so I will be looking forward to getting my time back.



Aug 17 2016

Almost there!

So around Selina’s birthday, I realized that I was gaining weight again.  I was snacking at night when Raj woke up, I was helping myself to treats in the office, stopped taking my medicine and in general, was eating more processed carbs.  My boot camp was over and isn’t starting back until September, so I knew I had to do something.

Still, I wasn’t doing that bad.  Compared to 6 months ago, I would have gained more because I just don’t eat as much bad food, my portion sizes are smaller and if I binge on anything, it is usually Greek yogurt and blueberries.  So now, I have a little less than a pound to go, and my BMI is 25, which was my other goal.

I just wanted to congratulate myself for working hard despite the lack of aerobic exercise.  I have added more physical activity in general so that helps.

  • Walks with Raj and Selina
  • Swimming lessons with Raj
  • Daily 1/2 hour walks at work
  • Boot camp when it is available (2x week)
  • Spine health exercises (should do every day, been slacking)

Not going to lie, I am exhausted and sometimes very cranky some days, but I have cut down on my caffeine and have started drinking a cup or two of detox tea every day to encourage me to drink more liquids.



Aug 17 2016

Things I wish I could share

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Jun 21 2016

Boot Camp

So after almost 2 1/2 years, I am finally signing up for an exercise class.  I’ve been wanting to lose some weight to help me feel strong and have more energy for my kids, but I also wanted the health benefits, reducing my blood sugar levels, etc.  I managed to lose my baby weight, so currently I’m at pre-baby weight, which is big for me.

To get there I did the following:

  • Reduced processed foods
  • Reduced carb intake through bread/tortillas/roti
  • Stopped drinking beverages with sugar
  • Reduced my sweets intake
  • Walk every day with my coworkers for 1/2 hour
  • Do my spinal health exercises daily
  • Reduced food intake

Now I’ve been stuck at this point for a few weeks, and I have two goals.  The first goal is to reduce my BMI to normal, which is (18.5–24.9).  I am currently at 25.4 (pre-baby), so it has improved, but to get in that range, I will need to lose another 5 lbs (marriage).

In order to lose more, I joined a Boot Camp that runs twice a week, and I believe it has jolted my body out of its plateau because I’m back down to my lowest weight during my weight loss journey.  My second goal is to lose another 5 lbs after that, which would take me to a healthy weight (college).

I want to stay accountable to myself, so I am posting this in hopes that I will keep track of my thoughts and what I want to do.


  • Keep reducing processed foods

Nov 28 2012


It’s holiday time again, and that means that advertising will be going crazy again.  I don’t particularly like advertising but it is great to see what the ad executives think will sell products.  Kinetic typography is used a lot, and it makes me want to tackle a new project, but I think that with my current time constraints, I won’t have time to explore a big project.  It might be fun to tackle another 30 second clip to keep up on my skills and work on some of the issues that I had when designing some of my older projects.

More on this later.